Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan launched


RAP II Cover

On 11 October we proudly launched our second Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Approximately 120 staff and invited guests, including Songwoman Maroochy, Turrbal Elder and representatives from our Board, Council joined our Chief Executive Officer Dr Paul Scully in celebrating the launch of our Innovate RAP.

Reconciliation describes the path we must take to realise a future where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and other Australians stand together as equals. By walking this path, we have the opportunity to contribute to realising the mission and values of Churches of Christ in Queensland. Our mission is to bring the light of Christ into communities. This means building safe, inclusive, respectful and compassionate communities where individuals experience belonging and have opportunities to reach their potential.

In 2015 we released our first RAP, which heralded a new era for us as an organisation in our commitment to the recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  Since its release, we have successfully implemented a range of actions right across our business. This second Innovate RAP is our opportunity to build on the success and learnings of our first RAP, and to refocus our efforts on attaining our goals. This plan has the full commitment of our Council and Board, and our Executive Team and leaders from across our organisation.

This two year plan has an even stronger focus on building respectful relationships, and explores how we include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' views and voices across our organisation. We will be doing more to increase cultural learning opportunities for staff, provide tailored information and support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and volunteers, and will continue to review our core service delivery models to be progressively more culturally inclusive.

Over the coming months the Inclusion and Diversity team will be available to promote and workshop the new plan with leader groups and key teams, and will visit a number of our locations to meet with staff.  I encourage you to take the opportunity to learn more about the RAP and what it means for you.
About the artwork - 'Bringing the light' This artwork was created by Jenna Lee, Larrakia descendant and Senior Artist from creative agency Gilimbaa, who specialise in creating Indigenous designs and campaigns. It was commissioned to represent how Churches of Christ in Queensland supports those in our care.  More information about this artwork can be found on Page 1 of the Innovate RAP.